• $3,200.00 excl GST


The IRH22 Remington infrared diesel fired heater offers the ultimate in efficiency, almost zero emissions and dry warmth that permeates the room quickly! Remington's unique and patented technology also ensures perfect combustion, the result being almost zero fume pollution and excellent economy.


Highly efficient silencer system - by installing a highly efficient absorbing and expanding silencer system inside the ceramic furnace, the noise is kept extremely low.

Super low emissions - patented combustion chamber and catalytic filtering. Perfectly removes non flammable gas and odors and maximises burner efficiency.

Super Powerful burner with new technology - powerful tubular burner system maximises heating efficiency by improving combustibility and preventing soot.

Soot equipment vent - high combustibility burner developed by patented technology.

Super fast combustion switching - when turning off a heater, residual oil is the main cause of soot and odors, Remington have minimised soot and odor by blocking residual oil to almost zero.

Remington's revolutionary sensory switching technology has almost completely eliminated any incomplete combustion odors.

Instant oil blocking system - returns unburnt fuel to fuel tank when turning off heater (blocking source of odor).

Effortless electronic control - the patented push button/remote control system allows perfect temperature and timing control.

Convenient separate fuel filling access.

Rugged stainless structure finish.

Premier built in safety - the Remington 12 point safety devices are integrated into every heater.

Optional heavy duty transport/protection frame - forklift or crane lift capability.

FAR infrared heating - the IRH22 heater operates in the far infrared spectrum producing the best and most effective sun light heat.

So Safe - 12 Safety Systems.

1. Safety device for ignition.

2. Combustion controller.

3. Safety device for falling.

4. Safety device for over heating.

5. Safety device for blackout.

6. Safety device for over current.

7. Motor (burner) protection.

8. Fuel level detector.

9. Malfunction detector for temp. sensor.

10. Explosive ignition protection.

11. Safety lock.

12. Scheduled turn off timer (set by customer).