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CRC Roadie Sampling & Activations

CRC Movember

On the 22nd of November we are getting a visit from the guys over at The Rock FM! Who are coming in for for the Movember promotion where CRC are supporting men’s health. They’ll donate 20 cents every time you buy a limited edition CRC Movember Can to the Movember Foundation.

The Rock Roadies are bringing along their iconic “Rock Tossers” game to our store. “Rock Tossers” is a simple game that involves an angled board with a hole in it. People who visit our store during this time are given four attempts to throw a sandbag in the hole. They are awarded 2 points if they get it in, 1 point if they land the sandbag on the board, and 0 points if they miss entirely. To further entice visitors spot prizes are usually awarded to the top performers. These prizes could range from CRC product to Rock merch to food (TBC).

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